The Hub worlds are supposed to be the centre of the universe, the source of culture and innovation, but sitting here for the sixth day in the docking queue I know that the Hub is about one thing: waiting. Waiting long enough that there are re-supply drones patrolling the queue, trailing huge spherical cargo balls in a train.


This wouldn't bug me so much, but every day we wait is another chance for a spot inspection and cargo drones aren't the only patrols on the queue. We play holo, we sleep, we spar, but the weapons locker is open and the blasters are all charged. The quick release on the drive feed is always at hand. We are ready fight or run or both and we've been on that edge for a week. It eats at you.


So when the dockmaster vids in -- it's some kind of bug thing covered in...what, wires or something? -- it's a relief. Cleared for 17G in Artemis Station. About time. We slide out of the queue and slow burn for the station. And then it suddenly flashes white and all the screens go dark. The panel blazes red with alarms on the comms quarter. I yell at Ryser to find us an optical, open a window or something. They do.


The hull starts pinging. High speed debris.


"Screens up! Unlock the drive feed!"


Someone blew my pick-up to pieces in the hub. There were about to be a lot of police drones in a very small space. Starting to feel pretty good about the wait though -- we should have been on that station.


Coming this year! Powered by FATE and your imagination, Elysium Flare brings you a unique space opera setting and the kind of new twists on old ideas that you have come to expect of the VSCA. Whether your vision of science-fiction is one of ancient mystics or devious psychics, there is someone -- or something -- in this for you.


To be available in colour hardcover and black & white softcover options!


"It's delightful. I'm blazing through it -- always a good sign -- and I love what I've seen so far." --Martin Ralya