Diaspora is a role-playing game that uses the FATE system to deliver a hard science-fiction framework for adventure, where you build the setting on top of the basic, gritty axioms of the universe: everything is bigger than you are. You will pilot spaceraft driven by fusion torches that light the night sky towards rifts in the fabric of space that shift you between a small number of lost worlds, each with thousands of years of history. And it's all yours.

Although Diaspora is based on FATE, it is a complete game requiring no other purchases to play. You will need dice, pen, paper, and friends, but all the rules you need are right here.

Diaspora is a 2009 Indie RPG Award nominee as well as the Gold winner for Best Rules in the 2010 ENnie Awards!

happy customers

"I started giving Diaspora an honest read (rather than a skim) last night. It kept me up an extra hour. INCREDIBLY well-written. I'm now in danger of blowing off most of the day just to read more of Diaspora. [...] Hell, I'm in danger of RUNNING it (once I'm done reading), and I am not a hard science fiction RPG type guy."

— Fred Hicks, king of Evil Hat Productions

"I finished it last night, and it's really good. It makes me want to run a campaign of linked short stories with lots of characters, like a Kim Stanley Robinson series. I worried about getting my group to play - it's kind of crunchy - but you can take or leave the crunch. Anyway, guys, great job."

— Clinton R. Nixon, author of The Shadow of Yesterday

"If you were to walk into a hypothetical Ice Cream Shop which operated on the same principles that Diaspora works on, the attendant behind the counter would inquire as to your preferred flavors and textures, what toppings you enjoyed and disliked, what form of cone you like and the consistency you like it to be baked to, and collating this information, the attendant would serve you the most delicious frozen dairy treat you've ever been offered. The entire thing would be honed into some sort of weaponized ice cream, complete with a custom pinpoint delivery system, targeted specifically at your taste buds and food aesthetics, designed to destroy your sweet tooth and sate your hunger."

— Matt Greenfelder, enthusiastic fan at RPG.net

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Brick and Mortar

There are several brick and mortar stores carrying Diaspora now!

Endgame in Oakland, California. Say hi to Chris Hanrahan and look out for Endgame events and mini-conventions!

Leisure Games in the UK. Leisure Games has a burgeoning mail order business and was one of our earliest, biggest buyers.

Sph채renmeisters Spiele in Germany, and they also run a brisk mail order business. I understand they sold a copy to a gent in Kazakhistan!

Patriot Games in the UK. For all you gamers in or near Sheffield, you already know this place!

Drexoll Games in Vancouver, BC, Canada! Tamara and Darcy run two stores in the vicinity and they (and their staff) are all awesome.

Craving for a Game in Surrey, BC, Canada! Buck runs a lot of mini-cons and a great shop.

Olympic Cards and Comics in Lacey, Washington now carries Diaspora as well! We pretty much have the west coast of the continent sewn up now!

Gamescape North in San Rafael, California also carries Diaspora! And they take pre-orders, so if they are out give them a shout anyway, and they will get more.

Game Kastle in Santa Clara, California! What is it about California, anyway?

SciFi Genre in Durham, North CarolinaSan now carries Diaspora! They have a vibrant online sales site, too!

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The complete Space Combat chapter!

Character sheet

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March 2010 Errata

NEW! Platoon counter sheets by Paul Lesack!

NEW! Colour spacecraft counter sheets by Paul Lesack!

NEW! Space combat map by Paul Lesack!


C.W. Richeson at RPG.net says, "Diaspora expertly blends hard science fiction adventure with the FATE rules system to produce a game that is fun from the moment of character creation to the end of a campaign."

A mini review from Graham Spearing

Never too late for reviews! Steven Roberts at RPG Geek, a relative newcomer to FATE, tells all.

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The system reference document for Diaspora. This represents all of the material in Diaspora that is "open content" as per the Open Content License. The SRD is intended as a searchable reference during play and as a clear statement of content available for authors building derivitave works according to the OGL.